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The use of wearable technology will boost process safety as well as the operational efficiency of the construction industry.

FREMONT, CA:Wearable technology has been hugely transforming the lives of individuals. However, the application of wearable technology is not limited to individuals; this technology is also contributing to industrial processes. The construction industry is one such sphere that can gain significantly from wearables. The technology can particularly contribute to the on-job sites under construction. Some of the wearables can be used to enhance comfort while others for improving safety. With increased investment in the internet of things (IoT), the use of wearables will gain momentum in the construction sphere. Here are the major innovations in construction wearables.

Smart Glasses

Smart glass or the wearable computer glass augments what a user sees by overlaying imagery or data. The technology enables construction firms to train new workers who lack the skills needed for a particular task. Smart glasses are also useful means of communication that allows staying connected with the workers in real-time. In addition, smart glasses enable workers to eliminate mistakes with the help of augmented reality.

Smart Clothing

Smart construction clothing can offer a range of features to the users. For instance, smart construction clothing may include cooling vests, heated jackets, and even self-charging work boots that can measure user fatigue and convey the information to the concerned personnel. Such technologically enhanced clothing can aid the employees working in extreme conditions.

Wearables and Sensors

Sensors don’t need an introduction. The potential of sensors in construction cannot be underestimated in modern times. Sensors can be coupled with a number of wearable devices that are used in the construction industry. Sensors laced with workers' clothes or helmets can utilize GPS and timestamps to track workers’ movements, thereby enhancing safety and transparency during the construction phase.

With the passage of time and advancements in technology, there will be drastic growth in the rate of wearable incorporation in the construction industry.

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