December 12, 2019

Best 3D-printed models of November 2019 - Windows Central

I have been following along with the progress of Louise's dragon chess board for a while now, and the whole set is finally ready to be showcased. Each different chess piece is a new design from Louise, and each piece is designed as a different type of dragon.

I think my personal favorite is the queen dragon. I have been a massive fan of Anne McCaffrey for years, and Louise designed the queen to look like Ramoth, the majestic golden dragon from the Dragonriders of Pern series, and that just makes me happy. All of the models print without support, too, making them easy to print on any printer, except the knight piece. The knight is a dragon/horse hybrid — much like the Longma of Chinese mythology — and he is shown rearing up on his hind legs. It really is a magnificent model.

Louise printed her models on the Elegoo Mars and the new SL1 from Prusa and painted them using Rub n Buff, one of my favorite model painting materials. You rub the waxy liquid onto the plastic then polished after it dries to give a weathered, almost tarnished, look to the chess pieces.

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